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OK, we finally believe Kim Zolciak has a lot on her plate

For fans who follow Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kim Zolciak closely, we almost felt her pain when she suffered a stroke during her Dancing with the Stars season. Despite having to drop out of the competition, she kept fans updated on her health and continued to appear on her own show Don’t Be Tardy. Now, she’s appearing on Oprah: Where Are They Now? and opening up even more about the life-changing experience, according to the Mirror.

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Zolciak says she knew that something was going wrong in her body before the doctors informed her that she had experienced a stroke. “I knew something was going to happen on Dancing With the Stars, and I knew I wasn’t going to break a bone,” she said. “I definitely didn’t think a stroke, but I definitely had some kind of feeling. I kept saying, ‘This is really odd.'”

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She says that at the time, she was still managing her husband’s career, filming Don’t Be Tardy and taking care of her kids.

Although she has gone through a full recovery, she still has the occasional flare-up of symptoms. “Sometimes, my speech… my tongue will give out, similar to what it did during the actual stroke,” she said. “It’ll happen at random time. But other than that, I’m 100 percent recovered.”

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