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Gordon Ramsay totally slammed Bobby Flay with immature insult

Cooking show fans will tell you there’s been one glaring omission in the cook-off world — Bobby Flay and Gordon Ramsay. How could these two titans, with their (let’s be honest) huge egos, never have faced off against each other? One fan asked Gordon Ramsay about it in a Reddit AMA, and Ramsay wants everyone to know it’s not his choice.

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Blame Bobby Flay for turning down the opportunity or, as Ramsay puts it in classic fashion, having “lost his balls.”

He elaborates, “I would love it to happen. I’m pissed that it hasn’t, and I’ve offered him a head start, I’ve offered to pay for his flight, I’ve offered to send a plane for him…here’s the thing. Chefs need competition, and I think that’s healthy. We both work for Caesar’s; Caesar’s put it on this table for this year to celebrate their 50th birthday for him and I to have a live cook-off, and Bobby lost his balls. It literally castrated him.”

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He continues, saying how much he respects Flay and how enjoyable the competition would be. (We agree!) “I will be the first one to make sure that we go head to head in a live cook-off. How exciting would that be?! Come on! There’s a lot of chefs in America that I respect. I get a hard time from all those chefs, but I respect them immensely. So, it’s no different than two basketball teams playing against each other. It’s no different between America and Great Britain playing against each other in soccer. Have a bit of fun with it! It was going to charity, and don’t get so stressed out! Come on!”

Well, Bobby — your move.

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