Nancy Grace’s 5 most heated on-screen arguments, from 2 Chainz to Dr. Drew

After a 12-year run on HLN, Nancy Grace decided not to renew her contract when it expires this month (on Oct. 13). What’s next? According to In Touch, Grace accepted a job at Fox News. A source told the publication: “The formal announcement is expected after Nancy’s last show with HLN. Nancy was approached by Fox News months ago, and she made the decision over the summer that the best move for her career and family was to move to Fox.”

In honor of Grace’s long and sometimes controversial career on HLN — and her reported new job at Fox News, let’s take a look back at her most iconic arguments.

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1. “I advise you, sir, do not tango with me on the law”

During the George Zimmerman trial for the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin, Grace brought on Daryl Parks, the attorney for Martin’s family, and one of Zimmerman’s friends, Frank Taaffe, to debate the validity of his defense. At one point, Taaffe tried to debate nuances of the law with Grace, which turned out to be his biggest mistake.

2. “Oh, honey, when you get in that chair, it’s on”

Making a Murderer, the Netflix documentary that took over the whole country last year, spurred quite a few emotional reactions. One such reaction came from actor Donnie Wahlberg. He wrote an article giving his thoughts about the case, which led Grace to bring him on her show. During a heated moment, Wahlberg interrupted Grace to say that he wasn’t there to debate the point, to which, Grace told him, of course he was.

3. Grace vs. 2 Chainz

If you’re on any social media site, it’s likely that you’ve seen the highlight reel of these two debating the positive and negative effects of smoking weed. Grace is obviously on the side of keeping weed illegal and 2 Chainz thought he should be a guest on her show to talk about the benefits. What happened next will live on in internet infamy.

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4. “When I’m asked a direct question, I give a direct and truthful answer”

Immediately after Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room bathtub, friends, family and fans all over the world were shocked. Grace, who is trained in searching for the truth in suspicious situations, started asking questions about what happened that night that many thought were in poor taste. Ever in search of controversy, The View brought Grace on to talk about her questions and defend her position, which she did in the way only she can.

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5. “When you don’t know a horse, look at his track record”

Grace also took on Dr. Drew in the great pot debate. Dr. Drew was asking the question that if weed was made legal, could the government then spend the money on rehabilitation and care of those who are addicted to drugs. Grace said, unequivocally, no way.


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