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Believe it or not, Lindsay Lohan has zero regrets about her past

Despite her troubled past, Lindsay Lohan is only focused on the future these days.

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Lohan, who turns 30 this Saturday, sat down with Vanity Fair to talk about her past struggles — addiction, arrests, wild partying — and what she’s looking forward to now. During her interview, Lohan revealed something kind of surprising: even though her partying years were widely publicized and fraught with scandal, she has no regrets about her past.

I wouldn’t call things regrets, per se. I can’t turn back time,” she explained. “But if I could, I would have listened more to my mother and gone back home to NYC earlier in life and chosen my friends more wisely.”

Lohan left Los Angeles to head home to her native New York in 2013, where she set to work filming her docuseries, Lindsay. On the show, she returned to her roots to try to revive her career after a series of very public arrests, relationship breakdowns, substance abuse issues and stints in rehab.

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Vanity Fair also asked Lohan what advice she would give her younger self now, and her response was to “pay attention to the people you surround yourself with, and make sure they have honest intentions,” as she alluded to struggles with her former group of hard-partying friends, including Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Lohan, who is now sober, has much to look forward to. In April, she got engaged to business heir Egor Tarabasov, and the two already have plans to start their own family. According to Lohan, the future also includes “making more films, writing my book, starting my charity” and “working with children a lot.”

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