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If Big Brother’s Jozea Flores never calls himself the messiah again, it’ll be too soon

Drama is heating up on Big Brother with the first eviction coming up. One of the three players up for eviction is none other than Jozea Flores, resident know-it-all in the house. I know that you have to have a strong personality to get on these shows, but his is just a bit extra.

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Flores didn’t win the power of veto competition, which means that his master plan of taking control and putting a veteran on the chopping block was already crumbling, but you definitely couldn’t tell him that whatsoever. Flores continued to act as if he was an untouchable contestant. He called himself a messiah, and even at one point compared himself to President Barack Obama.

No, I didn’t mishear. He actually thought that his speech to his fellow housemates sounded like that of the president.

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Here’s the thing: I’m all for confidence. In fact, most of my favorite characters on reality show competitions are the bad boys (shout out to CT from MTV’s Challenges). But the thing that every bad boy needs is talent. Flores needs to be winning every competition to warrant the amount of crap he’s talking to everyone.

He’s also a terrible strategist. He tells everyone his strategy any chance he can get. Unless he’s got a completely different plan in the works that he’s not telling anyone, he’s totally screwed.

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I’m hoping that Flores uses this opportunity to watch himself on national TV and see that he needs to dial it back a little bit. He can be confident without comparing himself to the president of the United States. Especially because all he’s done so far is lose competitions and friends.

It looks like he’s going to get evicted on the next episode, but I highly doubt they’re going to let the character everyone loves to hate leave so soon. Although, I’d love to be wrong, CBS.

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