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Connie Britton’s having all sorts of tests run on her during her ‘wellness retreat’

Connie Britton has taken a “vacation” with her best friend Marley Shelton to The Ranch Malibu. I say “vacation” because the four-day retreat is a fitness vacation that includes eight hours of exercise during the day and has caused her to wear tape on her legs due to shin splints.

Britton posted to her Instagram a few photos from her stay, writing “Vacay!!! …ish. Intense hikes in Malibu. Delicious vegan meals. Friendship. Relaxation. Exercise to sweat out the toxins. To re-energize. And then rest.”

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There’s been a lot of talk of drama surrounding her hit show Nashville being canceled and then picked up again by CMT. It’s been a lot of back and forth and would be stressful to anyone. But, again, if I were that stressed, you’d find me on a beach in Malibu, not signing up for wellness tests and rigorous daily exercise for four days in a row.

But then again, she’s a talented actress with perfect hair, and I am not. So I’ll let you decide who’s got the right idea.

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If you’re wondering what Britton meant by intense hike, Shelton also posted to Instagram showing her and Britton after they completed their 11-mile hike up 1,300 feet. That was just one morning of their stay. But I will admit, the ladies look happy and healthy. They just don’t look like they’re on vacation.

According to The Ranch’s website, the program really does have amazing effects. They say, “The program is designed to establish baseline metrics that can be used for tailoring one’s lifestyle, nutrition and fitness to meet and exceed personal health and longevity goals. Guests who opt for the Integrative Lifestyle Physical will leave with a deeper understanding of their body and mind’s current condition, along with a personally tailored health and fitness program to support a vibrantly active and healthy life.”

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It looks and sounds like that’s exactly what Britton and her friend got out of their stay. She’s rejuvenated and ready for the next chapter of her life.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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