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Big Brother UK star’s actions have scary consequences for his ex-fiancée

Kim Melville-Smith has suffered tremendously after seeing her ex-fiancé, Big Brother UK’s Marco Pierre White Jr., hook up with another housemate. She has spoken out, but her words have been twisted and misunderstood, so she took matters into her own hands to upload a video where she was able to tell everyone the truth of her “embarrassing” split and the terrifying effects.

In the video, Melville-Smith said, “I’ve had missed periods because I haven’t been eating. I went down to seven and a half stone, it’s been really crazy. I’ve probably been drinking too much because of the escapism.” For the record, or for Americans, seven and a half stone is 105 pounds, a scary weight for any woman of average height.

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Melville-Smith did hint that her and White were trying for a baby and that her missed period could be due to a pregnancy, but she was hoping that it was stress induced because she obviously no longer wants a family with him.

She continued explaining her embarrassment in the video by saying, “I did fall in love with Marco and now I feel embarrassed because he treated me so badly. I guess it’s just typical of a young guy who will do anything to get famous.”

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Fortunately for her, Melville-Smith has come to terms with their unhealthy relationship and has decided to cut ties with White. She said, “Marco and I are no longer saying we love each other — that’s just silly — and I’m definitely not wanting to get back with him.”

It should be noted that White has a face tattoo that reads “Broken.” I get that heartbreak is painful and I would never wish it on anyone, especially in such a public and embarrassing way, but it’s not like he didn’t warn her. You don’t get into a relationship with a man who has “Broken” on his face expecting a white horse.

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But I do applaud Melville-Smith for speaking out against all the rumors and telling her story on her own terms. She’s brave and totally badass for showing the parts of her breakup that aren’t pretty. May we all have her courage during terrible breakups!

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