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The McGhee family introduces the world to 2 new family members

What do you do when you have sextuplets? You add more to the family, of course.

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Nope, Mia and Ro aren’t having more babies… yet, at least. Instead, the patriarchs of the McGhee clan decided it was time for a pet. And not just any pet, but two adorable guinea pigs. Um, good luck.

The kids handled it all surprisingly well, though. And Ro and Mia, like the superstar parents they are, made sure the kids were ready and knew how to behave with an animal prior to the purchase. They all went around the table and practiced holding a stuffed animal gerbil gently and the kids each took turns picking out name ideas. It was absolutely adorable!

The pet trial run proved that the kids were, indeed, ready to expand the family with a lovable furball… or two.

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The family came home with two little girl guinea pigs, which they named Nicole and Tiffany because, like Ro said, the names just go together like Olivia and Madison.

Even though the McGhee family does everything to the extremes (what with having six kids and all), bringing Tiffany and Nicole home was so familiar for me and so many others. My first pets were hermit crabs. Oh, yes, you read that right. I then graduated to a fish. And then on to hamsters. There is something about a hamster that is just childhood calling. The nostalgia of picking out a family pet and those first experiences with it, including the little poop nuggets in the carpet, is all part of the forever memories.

I love the fact that even though Ro and Mia have a hectic household as it is, they aren’t shying away from giving their kids all the messy, noisy experiences kids should have.

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I am not a mother yet, but if and when that day comes, to the pet store I shall go.

Are you impressed with Ro and Mia’s (semi) fearless pet purchasing?

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