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It doesn’t matter what happened — Lindsey Vonn still loves Tiger Woods

Despite rumors that he caused their relationship to implode because he can’t keep it in his pants, Tiger Woods will not be the subject of any haterade from his ex, Lindsey Vonn.

Vonn was Woods’ first official girlfriend post-divorce from Elin Nordegren after his huge sex scandal rocked his career. The pair seemed wildly in love, until their unexpected breakup announcement. And once again, Woods was accused of cheating.

But Vonn says it doesn’t matter what drove them apart, because he is still a good person at heart.

In an interview with Access Hollywood Live, she explained.

“I still love him,” Vonn explained. “He is a great guy and he is a great father, and I have the utmost respect for him and I wish him the best and we are friends. We are just two adults and it didn’t work out.”

But that doesn’t mean she is crying in her Wheaties every morning. The Olympian said she is “single and I am ready to mingle.”

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What is she looking for in a man? Besides not being a cheater, of course.

“They just need to be confident and charismatic,” she said. “That’s the only requirement. Just be confident in yourself and don’t be afraid to say hi. No one ever says hi to me! No one talks to me.”

So there you go. If you know any dudes looking for a summer romance, tell them to go say hi to Lindsey Vonn. Easy peasy.

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