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Despite divorce drama, Ben Affleck is still helping Jennifer Garner’s parents

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may have split, but that doesn’t mean she can’t count on him when the chips are down.

Garner’s parents live in West Virginia, which has been hit incredibly hard by terrible flooding in recent weeks — see this video of a house floating down a river while on fire for proof.

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Being a celeb does not make you immune to natural disasters, as Garner has found out. Her parents have been affected, and their home is gone.

“Jen wants her parents in Los Angeles, but they refuse to leave their home, which has been destroyed,” an insider told Radar Online. “Jen’s parents are in a hotel because at home they have no electricity.”

Luck for them that it wasn’t worse, but many other West Virginians were not nearly as lucky — and Garner is trying to enlist Affleck’s help to do something about it.

“Jen was planning a relaxing vacation to West Virginia, but it looks like she’ll forgo that to plan a fundraiser there instead,” said the insider. And she’s asking Affleck to help, along with her childhood friend, Senator Corey Palumbo.

“My heart is breaking for beautiful West Virginia,” said Garner in a statement. “The people of my home state are the most resilient you will find, but the damage caused by the storm and deadly floods has been catastrophic for these families and communities.”

Garner is a trustee of Save the Children, which serves five West Virginia counties. “I am relieved to know that Save the Children will continue to be on the ground in West Virginia throughout the cleanup and recovery, to make sure basic needs are met,” she finished.

The floods have left 23 people dead.

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