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Prince Harry isn’t silencing his voice when it comes to the fight against HIV

When two superpowers aim to do some good, all we can do is get on board. Coldplay played at Kensington Palace on Tuesday to support Prince Harry’s charity Sentebale, which helps children suffering from extreme poverty, HIV and AIDS.

Prince Harry introduced the band — and then he got involved.

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Entertainment Tonight reports that he addressed the 3,000 people in attendance before jamming out onstage with the band. “Every single one of us has a responsibility to educate ourselves — to do what we can to speak out and stamp out the silence that the virus needs to win,” Harry said. “We must follow the example of Lesotho [in South Africa] and meet one of the great challenges of our generation with optimism, energy and openness.”

Even better? Harry then stayed on stage to sing “Up&Up” with the band. He’s using his royal pull to grab headlines and raise awareness, much like his mother Princess Diana did during her lifetime. And now that you mention it, we don’t mind seeing him singing onstage, either.

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The concert wasn’t just for a good cause; it was also a historical event. Harry’s big night was the first concert ever held on the lawn of Kensington Palace, and judging by the feedback, it won’t be the last.

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