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100 bucks says AHS‘s new season is about little devil children

Guys, we officially have our first clue as to what the theme could possibly be for Season 6 of American Horror Story, which doesn’t debut until October. In keeping with creator Ryan Murphy’s true style, the clue is impossibly vague and frustratingly simple but hey, we AHS fans take what we can get around here.

A couple of weeks ago, the official Facebook page for the show changed the profile picture to a plain black abyss of nothingness.

Then they changed it for a second time to what we can assume is the real clue.

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That’s it. It’s a red 6 with what looks like a question mark hidden in the bottom of it. That’s not a whole lot of help, but if you took a super close look around their Facebook page, you may have spotted something that doesn’t seem like it was unintentional.

Image: FX

Did they accidentally post three photos of red number 6’s in a row? Probably not. I am guessing this is part of the clue. The 666 has historically been a sign of evil or the devil. Yes, all seasons of AHS include evil of some form or another, but they haven’t included the straight-up devil.

Now, if we take this tiny scrap of a hint and put it together with some of Ryan Murphy’s own discussions about the upcoming season, we can try to come up with some possibilities for a Season 6 theme. Murphy recently said to a crowd at Paleyfest, “If you look at horror tropes, the innocence of children, that sort of wide-eyed entryway into some world is always very dramatic and satisfying.” Of course, this could lead us to believe that the new season may involve children in some large capacity.

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Cheyenne Jackson, who you may remember as Will Drake from last season’s American Horror Story: Hotel, will be returning for Season 6 and has said that this upcoming season will be unlike anything they have previously done. We can also expect to see Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Finn Wittrock, Wes Bentley and Matt Bomer all returning.

Since Murphy said that he is working around an angle with children, there are a lot of options here. My personal hope is that it will end up being American Horror Story: Summer Camp, because there is nothing creepier than summer camp. The possibilities for this one could be endless. There have already been rumors that Lady Gaga could possibly being playing a sidekick to a serial killer, and I am salivating at the idea of this being a Friday the 13th situation.

The other possibility for this season’s theme is one that was slightly hinted at during Hotel. One of the main characters mentioned that his daughter would be attending the Thatcher School, which is a boarding school in California. Could this be the place that Season 6 revolves around? Think about it: A boarding school is another inherently creep locale, and would be the perfect location for some demonic children or a serial killer to roam about and do their business. Remember, rarely does Ryan Murphy use a throwaway line in his series, and the entire American Horror Story anthology is said to be connected in multiple ways. This would be a perfect way to intertwine them.

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Could that abstract red 6 be an homage to a pregnant belly? Something to do with a demonic spawn, perhaps? Maybe we will end up at an orphanage for Season 6. That would certainly bring us a boatload of kiddos and potentially some crooked adults running the place. Nothing is really off-limits here in Ryan Murphy’s universe.

No matter where we end up, one thing is for sure: fans will be impatiently waiting for October.

What do you think will be the theme for Season 6 of American Horror Story? Let us know in the comments.

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