You won't see Calvin Harris dating another famous woman after Taylor Swift

Jun 29, 2016 at 10:45 a.m. ET

Calvin Harris probably wishes that everyone would stop talking about his relationship, and more importantly his breakup with Taylor Swift, but given how suddenly things ended this is probably going to be a topic for some time to come.

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But rather than focus on Swift's newfound happiness with Tom Hiddleston (and things between the pair appear to be getting very, very serious), a source has revealed how Harris is doing, and how his breakup with Swift will forever change his dating preferences: no more famous women.

According to TMZ, a source close to Harris revealed that his next girlfriend will be a "normal girl" because he believes that celebrities are narcissistic, and Swift is reportedly no exception to that rule. According to the site, he apparently feels that she's a narcissist because she dumped him when he was down (having only recently been involved in a car accident) and because she found a new man, or as TMZ says, "a shiny new object."

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He reportedly also feels that Swift was "so obsessed with her life and career" that any time his schedule conflicted with hers she was "put out." Dang.

So, will Harris be looking for a new, non-famous girl anytime soon? The answer to that question is apparently no, but that hasn't stopped him from having fun with a group of really beautiful women.

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Harris recently took to Snapchat to share a group image of himself and four women as they took a ride on a private yacht.

Calvin Harris Snapchat
Image: Calvin Harris/Snapchat

So if you thought that Harris was mourning his breakup, you'd probably be wrong, because he appears to be doing A-OK.

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Swift slideshow
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