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I don’t see any actual therapy happening on Famously Single

Famously Single is an entertaining show. It has all the right elements of an addictive reality show plus celebrities to give it just an extra bit of intrigue. The only thing it lacks is the one thing the show is supposed to be about: therapy sessions that will help these celebrities figure out why they can’t find love.

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The house that the celebrities are staying in is supposed to act like a retreat where they’re focusing on themselves and gaining clarity on why they can’t hold a successful relationship. Instead, it’s acting like a mini-vacation where they are flirting with each other, and in Pauly D and Aubrey O’Day’s case, starting a relationship of sorts.

I don’t know anything about retreat-style programs, but I’m pretty sure if you’re trying to fix your old dating patterns, you shouldn’t start a new relationship while you’re working on it.

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And the group sessions that the therapist holds seem to be less about coaching and more like a gossip session. It’s only when she sits one-on-one with the celebrities that she talks about anything deep or meaningful. So far, she’s sitting down with one celebrity a week, so I don’t know how helpful that is.

The way the activities are set up also leads to more destruction than personal growth. So far, each situation has led to a party where the celebrities were drinking, gossiping and just hanging out. I know there are different ways of coaching other people through their life; I just don’t know if Famously Single is using any techniques.

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It could be that the celebrities weren’t hoping for much in the way of personal growth, and in that case, they’re not going to walk away disappointed. But if that were the case, why not just set this show up like a mini-Real World and let the celebrities do what they will — drink, hook up and fight? There’s no need for the facade of therapy. We’d still watch for that drama, too.

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