It might be good that RHOC fans are holding Shannon Beador accountable

Jun 28, 2016 at 11:40 p.m. ET
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It’s only two episodes into the newest season of The Real Housewives of Orange County and fans are already speaking out against the women’s behavior. Shannon Beador got most of the online hate last night, specifically for both her reaction to the gift her husband gave her and her treatment of Vicki Gunvalson.

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Beador wrote a blog that she posted on Bravo’s site that explained, first, she wasn’t ungrateful for her husband’s gift. She wrote, “David has picked out most of the jewelry that I have. And I have really loved anything he has ever bought for me — but not this necklace very much. He decided he didn’t like it either when we got home. I don’t want people to start going off on me that I am an unappreciative wife. I am incredibly grateful for my husband’s thoughtfulness and generosity.”

It was obvious that Beador didn’t like the gift as soon as she opened it. Her disappointment was written all over her face. And she’s certainly encouraged to be honest with her husband about everything, including jewelry, but she may use these critiques to learn the art of gracefully accepting a gift. The time to talk about or show your disappointment is not immediately after opening the gift.

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That wasn’t the only thing the fans had an issue with. They also thought that Beador needed to just get over her fight with Gunvalson. To that, Beador had a more feisty response. She wrote, “Newsflash. I am continually asked how I feel about Vicki. I answer the questions. I am not obsessed with Vicki. I have forgiven and don’t want to engage in a friendship anymore. It’s plain and simple.”

Now here she has a point. She can definitely forgive and not want to continue a relationship. But she can also forgive and act friendly and cordial during group events, which isn’t something she thinks she has to do.

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Getting hate online is the quickest way to feel defensive and forget that the feedback could be a unique opportunity to grow a lot faster than the rest of us who don’t have a reality show. Beador doesn’t have to listen to all of it or even most of it, but she could at least consider the root of what these fans are saying instead of immediately dismissing everyone’s opinion.

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