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Below Deck Med‘s Bryan Kattenburg should not mix booze and work

I can’t help but roll my eyes whenever I see Bryan Kattenburg on Below Deck Med. He just doesn’t know how to act around women. From his condescending behavior toward Jen Riservato to an intended hookup with Tiffany Copeland gone horribly wrong, he’s managed to thoroughly piss off two of the yacht’s ladies, so it was only a matter of time before he angered the others as well.

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This time, the targets were Hannah Ferrier and Julia d’Albert Pusey. This came as a bit of a surprise, for while Ferrier and Kattenburg have had their differences, they’ve managed to keep things civil in recent episodes. And I was under the impression that, like everybody else, Kattenburg adored d’Albert Pusey. So why was he micro-managing her and getting super aggressive during tonight’s episode?

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Kattenburg always has the tendency to micro-manage, but why did he go overboard during tonight’s episode? Turns out, booze may have been the culprit. Big surprise.

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After griping about Kattenburg’s terrible behavior, d’Albert Pusey noted that he had been drinking. As you may recall, his other instances of aggression have also occurred while inebriated. He can still be a bit of a jerk when he’s sober, but he’s definitely worse when alcohol is in the picture.

Bryan Kattenburg
Image: Bravo

As somebody in a position of authority, Kattenburg should know better than to mix work with booze. The crew members seem to get a decent amount of leeway when it comes to alcohol consumption, but they should be self-aware enough to recognize when drinking interferes with their behavior. Kattenburg doesn’t seem to have any idea how obnoxious he gets while boozed up, so I’m hoping that he’s learned a thing or two while watching himself act like a jerk.

What did you think of Bryan Kattenburg’s latest antics on Below Deck Med? Should he lay off the booze? Comment and share your opinion below.

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Below Deck Med slideshow
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