America’s Got Talent‘s Patrick and dog Ginger destroy OCD stereotypes

I’m all about the four-legged friends on America’s Got Talent, so I was destined to love Patrick and Ginger. But as impressive as their audition was, their story is 10 times better.

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Like many of the canine wonders featured on America’s Got Talent, Ginger was abused as a puppy. A little over three years ago, she was adopted by Patrick, who needed a new friend just as badly as she did. At the time, Patrick’s OCD was unbearable, to the point that he could barely get out of the house. Employers found the condition and its accompanying symptoms problematic, and as a result, Patrick was unable to hold down a job. Things got so bad he was forced to beg for food and money on the street.

Patrick and Ginger
Image: NBC

Everything changed when Patrick met Ginger, who gave him a new purpose in life and a much-needed boost of confidence. The two bonded right away and it didn’t take Patrick long to discover that Ginger had a special talent, hidden by months of abuse. Once she was treated right, Ginger’s natural abilities could finally shine through.

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Of course, it takes more than an inspiring story to make it past the auditions on America’s Got Talent. Thankfully, Patrick and Ginger were able to deliver. Their act included a lot of the usual antics featured in canine-based auditions, but there were some instances of originality, including a cool tightrope-inspired balancing trick.

Patrick and Ginger
Image: NBC

There’s more to OCD than constant hand-washing and frequent use of light switches, and yet, a lot of people have reduced the condition down to these two symptoms. Patrick has managed to overcome the stereotypes and show the world all that he and his best bud have to offer.

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Few things make me happier than seeing somebody with a disorder fight back and bust all the stereotypes that keep them from achieving their dreams. OCD can be devastating, of course, but it is possible to work through the disorder’s debilitating symptoms and achieve something great, as Patrick has demonstrated. I’m not yet convinced that he and Ginger have what it takes to land a spot in the finale, but I definitely want to see more of this dynamic duo!

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