Lisa Marie Presley’s divorce could expose scary details from her marriage

Lisa Marie Presley has filed for divorce from Michael Lockwood, and her custody request could mean something terrible was going on.

Presley wed Lockwood, a musician, in 2006, and the couple has twin girls together. And that is the interesting part of her divorce petition. She asks for no alimony, no child support, really nothing at all — except she wants full custody of the girls and only wants to allow Lockwood to have monitored visits.

Many divorce petitioners request full custody with visitation only for the other parent, but the fact that Presley requested Lockwood only get monitored visitation is what stands out.

Monitored visitation, either short or long-term, is normally only granted in cases where the parent has a demonstrated physical or mental issue, like a physical or mental illness or addiction issues, or if there is a strong suspicion of or proven abuse. To be clear, there is no record of Lockwood being so much as accused of any of these things, but the request is an odd one in what otherwise would seem to be an amicable divorce.

Another possibility could revolve around Scientology. Presley reportedly left the controversial religion several years back, and her defection was reportedly the reason she and Lockwood moved to England. However, it was soon discovered that their country manor was just down the road from Scientology’s 59-acre British headquarters. So did Lockwood return to the religion he practiced when he and Presley wed?

If so, that could be a key part to the mystery of the monitored visitation request. As Leah Remini disclosed upon her escape from Scientology, once you leave you are considered a “Suppressed Person” until and unless you return, and until then, your former Scientology friends and family totally cut you out of their lives. When Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise, she reportedly kept her plans ultra top secret so that the actor couldn’t take their daughter Suri and turn her against her mom like he allegedly did with his children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

Could Presley be afraid that Lockwood could take off with their kids to a Scientology hideout? Pure speculation of course, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on how things play out.

This was Presley’s fourth marriage. Previously she wed Danny Keough in 1988, Michael Jackson in 1994 and Nicolas Cage in 2002.

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