Calvin Harris, most polite guy ever, apologizes to paparazzi for car wreck

Jun 28, 2016 at 1:58 p.m. ET

Calvin Harris just can't catch a break.

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Harris has already had a pretty crappy month, breaking up with longtime girlfriend Taylor Swift and then watching her new romance with Tom Hiddleston unfold almost immediately online, sparking cheating and rebound rumors.

And now, Harris has another disaster to deal with — he crashed his car.

The accident happened Monday as Harris was leaving a Beverly Hills gym. According to People magazine, Harris was mobbed by paparazzi as he tried to make his exit, resulting in the wreck.

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One photographer was heard shouting, "Who are you dating now?" a question Harris clearly had no desire to answer. He hopped in his SUV as fast as he could and threw it in reverse for a quick getaway, not realizing he had left one of the back doors open. He slammed it into a cement wall, denting it.

But Harris, who might just be the most polite person on this planet, later took to Twitter to apologize to the paparazzi that made him crash his car — go figure.

"I got mad as hell at a paparazzi today, I'm sorry," he wrote. "you did make me back into a wall but I know you're just doing your job and I apologise."

At least this accident turned out better than the last one Harris had, when his SUV hit a car head-on that had drifted over the center line. At the time, he was transported to a hospital with lacerations on his face. The accident also caused him to miss a scheduled concert in Las Vegas.

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