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Nick’s gun rampage on The Fosters will lead to a dark Season 4 for Mariana

Wow, you guys, that was intense. After two excruciating Fosters episodes of waiting on pins and needles for Nick to come out of the woodwork with his gun, he finally emerged last night in Mariana’s room. In a gut-wrenching scene, we actually felt more sorry for Nick than mad at him for wreaking havoc on the Adams-Foster clan, as well as the entire faculty and student body at Anchor Beach Community Charter School.

Now, we know that it’s tough being a teenager and navigating the waters of adolescent romantic relationships, so it’s hard to blame Mariana for Nick unraveling, but the truth of the matter is that she did have a hand in setting him off by not handling her love triangle situation with Nick and Mat as smoothly as possible. Obviously, Nick’s instability was rooted in other factors — like his relationship with his father and his home life — however, when he peeped Mariana kissing Mat, it was the final straw.

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Clearly, all this isn’t lost on Mariana, and Cierra Ramirez, the actress who plays her, says Mariana’s part in the code blue and lockdown situation with Nick will haunt her for the rest of The Fosters Season 4.

“It’s definitely going to set the mood for Mariana for the rest of the season,” Ramirez said in a recent interview with TVGuide. “It’s going to put her in a very dark place. She’s left with this guilt that she thought it was all because of her… It’s definitely something she’s going to have to live with every day.”

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But before you worry about Mariana too much, Ramirez also says that her character will rally by getting involved with robotics and coding — and she hopes the journey will serve as an inspiration for people who have gone through a situation similar to Mariana’s in real life.

“You never thought that [Nick] would go to this extreme. It is important for girls to see this and to know that they are not alone,” Ramirez said. “I’m really excited about the robotics that Mariana is getting into… It’s important to show girls that it’s cool to code — to be a girl and to code. Hopefully, Mariana can inspire girls to get into that field as well.”

And if you were kinda hoping that Mariana might reunite with Mat now that Nick is obviously out of the picture — it’s not gonna happen.

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“She’s probably going to go with her heart, but after this situation she’s left afraid to love,” Ramirez said. “She needs to take time for herself.”

The Fosters airs Monday nights on Freeform at 8/7c.

How do you feel about how Mariana handled the situation with Nick and Mat?

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