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7 reasons Chef Ben Robinson makes the Below Deck shows worth watching

Below Deck and Below Deck Med are chock-full of juicy drama, but sometimes, the shows’ best moments feature a guy who tries (often in vain) to stay out of the drama: Chef Ben Robinson. Talented, confident and undeniably adorable, Chef Ben makes both shows worth watching for these reasons:

1. His accent is dreamy

I and a great number of other Below Deck fans enjoy listening to Chef Ben’s remarks. I have to admit, I’m not always interested in the content of said remarks — it’s all about his wonderful accent.

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2. He has the best catchphrases

Robinson has an affinity for adding “ies” on the end of words, making his already adorable accent that much better. Kate Chastain was thus very, very disappointed when he failed to refer to guests on a recent episode of Below Deck Med as “Oklahomies.”

3. His chief stew relationships are hilarious

Chef Ben
Image: Bravo

Chef Ben knows that the romance between the chief stew and the head chef just doesn’t work, and yet, he always seems to fall into their trap. Whether it’s Kate Chastain or Hannah Ferrier, he can’t keep his distance for long. His attempts at getting out of these romantic debacles are always incredibly amusing, albeit a bit frustrating.

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4. He loves to support the underdog

Chef Ben
Image: Bravo

One of Robinson’s greatest failings as a crew member is his determination to support lost causes. He can’t help but feel bad for the underdog, even when their problems are entirely of their own making. Thus, on Below Deck Med, we see Robinson supporting Danny Zureikat, who is by far the least popular crew member on the yacht.

Helping the underdog isn’t always wise on a show like Below Deck Med, but Robinson clearly wants the best for everybody — even those who screw up repeatedly. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for some of the crew members he helps out, but I can appreciate his big heart.

5. He’s a goofball

Robinson is a child at heart. One of my favorite moments on either Below Deck show was seeing him bounce from side to side on motorcycle-themed playground equipment. Who else but Chef Ben would get so much delight from something so silly?

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6. He is incredibly talented

Ben Robinson knows what he’s doing, and he takes great pride in his abilities as a chef. More often than not, yacht visitors leave with full stomachs and satisfied palates. I would love nothing more than to try every single creation he cooks up, but unfortunately, all I can do is gaze longingly at the meals on the Honor, the Ohana and the Ionian Princess while I down my meager meal of mac and cheese.

7. He is genuinely passionate about his work as a chef

Not only is Robinson amazingly talented, he actually cares about his work. This is evident in every episode, of course, but it was even more obvious during Leon Walker’s brief stint on Below Deck. He just didn’t seem to care as much as Chef Ben, and when he left, everybody was relieved.

All hail Chef Ben! He makes Below Deck and Below Deck Med worth watching, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of his antics on both shows.

Who is your favorite cast member on Below Deck Med? Comment and share your opinion below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Below Deck Med slideshow
Image: Bravo

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