American Gothic‘s Cam as the Silver Bells Killer seems way too easy

It’s only the second episode of American Gothic, but viewers may already know the identity behind the Silver Bells Killer. I know, it seems way too easy, but Wednesday’s episode definitely set it up to look like one particular Hawthorne family member is behind the murders.

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As much as I continue to worry about Jack (seriously, his love of death is disturbing and that speech he delivered at Mitchell’s funeral?), it seems that I may also need to keep my eye on Cam, since he is now the main suspect in the SBK case.

Remember that belt discovered when the tunnel foundation fell, which then blasted open the SBK investigation? Not only did the belt contain a fingerprint from SBK’s final victim in 2002, but it also had a faint blood stain that just might be SBK’s. The police also believe the belt belonged to the final victim. Apparently, said belt once belonged to Cam when he was younger. Obviously, this could all be a coincidence, the belt could belong to someone else, another Hawthorne family member could have taken Cam’s belt, or another explanation is behind it. Whatever the case, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back it up a bit.

So, it seems that the working theory surrounding SBK is that he/she had resented anyone with wealth and power. He/she strangled his/her victims, who are also members of elite society, with a belt and then posed them in a chair to be found.

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In Wednesday’s episode, at first Brady was trying to gather Mitchell’s DNA to learn more about whether or not he was involved, but then quickly discovered that his brother-in-law may very well be SBK. During the funeral reception, Brady spotted a photo of Mitchell and Cam from 2002 (yes, the same year the SBK stopped killing), where Cam just happened to be wearing the exact same belt as the one found in the concrete.

It is also now believed that SBK isn’t a “blue-collar guy,” but that he/she comes from money. Hmm… Cam comes from money. Oh, and the belt didn’t belong to the final victim, because he was vegan and never wore leather. So, maybe it’s SBK’s? There are still a lot of unknowns, but all signs are pointing to Cam.

I mean, it could easily be him. Firstly, there’s a photo of him wearing the belt. Secondly, it appears SBK disposed of the belt in the concrete thinking it would never resurface, and what better place for Cam to do that than in the very concrete provided by his father’s company? Furthermore, Mitchell was a supervisor the day the concrete was poured, so Cam could’ve easily dropped the belt into the mixture.

Also, seeing how dark Jack is, maybe he inherited that from his father? Per Garrett, Cam once had a dark streak. Garrett also even suggested that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Jack and Cam. Or, you know, maybe Mitchell just hid the belt in the concrete to protect himself, Cam or possibly another family member. At this point in time, SBK’s true identity still remains a mystery.

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I remain unconvinced that Cam is SBK. Not only is it way too early in the series, but it just seems too good to be true. There’s more than meets the eye here. However, I could be totally off and American Gothic wants its viewers to think it’s too easy and then will actually reveal Cam as SBK.

All I know is, the mystery and questions behind SBK are very much alive.

American Gothic airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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