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Caitlyn Jenner faces ugliest comments yet for her Sports Illustrated cover

Can Caitlyn Jenner do anything without getting backlash from the internet?

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Jenner’s latest subject of internet hate is her Sports Illustrated cover — the magazine chose Jenner to cover its “Where Are They Now?” issue this month. On the cover, Jenner poses in a dress wearing her Olympic gold medal, 40 years after winning it. It should be a huge honor to cover the magazine, but when Jenner posted the shot on her Instagram, her followers had a different idea.

Clearly excited about the opportunity, Jenner wrote alongside the photo, “Thank you @SportsIllustrated for taking me back down my Olympic memory lane. It was an honor! See the full story and video at #goldalltheway #40yearslater #olympics.”

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And then, of course, the hate started rolling in.

“This is a MAN with a mental illness. He is as sick as the man who is a paranoid schizophrenic. It’s a chemical Imbalance and it’s horrific that this is what is being publicized for my son to look up to. It a sick world and God will make it better. This is outrageous. Nothing more than a sick man in a dress with hoards of people praising him. It’s so backward it’s sad!!!!” one particularly nasty commenter wrote.

“She honestly looks miserable… her ugly ass face speaks volumes,” another added. Others chimed in with a chorus of comments just saying things like “gross,” “nasty” and “wtf.”

Jenner, for her credit, still sees the cover as a chance to spark a conversation about trans issues.

It’s a picture that brings attention to this issue,” she said about why she chose to pose on the cover as Caitlyn 40 years after posing there as Bruce. “That’s the important thing. That’s why I wore the medal.”

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