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Wow, Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston are already throwing around the “L” word

No one expected to see Taylor Swift in another relationship so soon after her breakup from longtime boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Furthermore, no one expected her to be so serious about Tom Hiddleston.

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The couple are clearly enjoying each other’s company and things between them appear to be going full-steam ahead; they’ve both met each other’s parents, with Swift even headed to the U.K. to meet Hiddleston’s mom, who according to an E! News source already “loves her” — and she’s not the only one throwing around the “L” word.

“Their families love them as a couple, and it seems like everyone, including her close friends, think this is going to be the guy she will end up with,” a source told E! News. And Swift is pretty certain that her new beau could be the one, in fact, she’s reportedly falling for him big time.

According to the publication’s source, Swift recently texted her best friends to say, “‘I think I am in love and I never felt this way before!'” Wow.

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But then again, are we really surprised? Yes, it’s happened extremely quickly, but from everything we know of Hiddleston he seems to be a genuinely nice guy who treats Swift like an absolute princess.

“She is having a blast traveling with him,” the insider told E! News of their recent trip, adding, “He is very romantic and attentive towards Her. He is extremely charming. He also makes sure she feels safe wherever they go together. She is on cloud nine and really enjoying this quality time they are spending.”

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Are you happy that Taylor Swift has found the man of her dreams? Or do you think she’s moving way too fast? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Tom Hiddleston slideshow
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