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Last night’s episode proved The Bachelorette is more desperate for drama than ever

In the close quarters of Bachelorette living, there’s bound to be some disagreements, but none of them have been more ridiculous than the argument between James-Taylor and Jordan we saw showcased tonight in all its measly glory.

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Basically, James-Taylor decided to tell JoJo that during a poker game with Jordan, Jordan became “entitled” over the rules of the game thus James-Taylor is questioning all of Jordan’s intentions on the show.

I’m having trouble writing this without rolling my eyes.



Gah, James-Taylor I really liked you! Why did you have to ruin it by getting so insecure?

Because that’s all this argument boiled down to. James-Taylor felt intimidated by the jock and decided to go cry to JoJo about it. It was, I’m sorry, hard to watch.

I’m a naturally competitive person and so are a lot of my friends. I can’t even count the times I’ve argued in a game of Monopoly. Catch Phrase can take on a whole new level of loud. And don’t even get me started on The Settlers of Catan. The point is, disagreements happen. Then you move on. You don’t ever talk about them again because you respect the competitive nature as part of the fun. It’s just a game.

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More than James-Taylor being butt-hurt by Jordan’s behavior, it seemed to me like he was just grasping at straws for a way to make the guy look bad. It only ended up making James-Taylor look the fool.

I guess the strategy worked for now, though, because JoJo is keeping James-Taylor around. She said she respected the fact that he was clearly trying to protect her.

Yes, by all means, James-Taylor, protect her from the terrors that happen while playing cards with Jordan. So scary!

I actually really like Jordan, and he’s the clear front-runner this season. He’s secure in his relationship with JoJo, and I respected how he handled himself when his integrity was questioned. He was clearly fuming, which says a lot about him since that’s important to him. He even said in his interview that his parents taught him to be better than that.

Just because Aaron Rodgers is his brother and Jordan himself had a successful pro career as a quarterback doesn’t mean he thinks he’s better than anyone. I’m sure he’s confident in his success. News flash: Confidence is sexy and Jordan should be proud of what he’s done.

How this relates back to this whole card game nonsense is just beyond me.

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JoJo, beware of Jordan’s poker playing rules, beware. But don’t, for the love of all the good drama in the history of The Bachelorette, use a poker game as a means to prove someone’s entitlement and lack of integrity. That’s just ridiculous.

Do you think James-Taylor was being overly dramatic or is Jordan really an entitled jerk?

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