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Thank you, Samantha Bee, for helping us Americans relate to the Brexit mess

Samantha Bee tackled the Brexit vote on this week’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and as usual, her critique was on point. Bee skipped over trying to explain the extremely complicated Brexit vote and instead went straight to the heart of the issue for many Americans: how the anti-immigrant Brexit sentiment mirrors Donald Trump’s presidential platform.

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Brexit, or as Bee called it, “Britain’s countrywide reenactment of V for Vendetta,” isn’t a perfect parallel to the presidential election in the U.S. And Bee was quick to point out that Britain and the United States have a very different relationship with immigration and hugely different diversity makeups — Britain, unlike the U.S., was not built by/on immigration and is over 80 percent white. So, those thinking that Brexit is foreshadowing our election should probably sit down and take a breath. Still, there’s no escaping the similarities between the racist undertones (or overtones, depending on your point of view) of the Leave campaign and those of Trump’s presidential run. And so, Brexit is less of a foreign event and more of a cautionary tale.

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Bee didn’t back away from using Brexit voters’ remorse as a lesson to any Bernie Bros or non-political liberals. Bee made clear that those who believe in the Bernie or Bust movement would have nobody to blame but themselves in the case of a Trump presidency, showing a fake Brexit ballot with “Dr. Jill Stein,” the Green Party candidate for president, written in. The message is clear: Voting Jill Stein in November is, to Bee, no different than all those Brits who voted to leave without doing their research or without thinking that their vote might actually make a difference. Bee ended her enlightening Brexit bit with this message: “It’s not enough for Trump to lose. It’s got to be a f***ing landslide.”

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Don’t believe Bee could get any cooler? Well, that’s just foolish. Bee’s Brexit segment also featured a clip of real Scotsman David Tennant, aka the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who, reading all the fabulous Trump insults British Twitter levied against him after his comments praising Brexit in Scotland. It turns out the only thing better than Samantha Bee taking down Donald Trump and the Brexit vote is David Tennant taking down Donald Trump and the Brexit vote on Full Frontal.

Unfortunately, when Bee asked Tennant if he could go back in time and prevent the Brexit vote, he refused. Let that be a lesson to us all: No time lord is coming to save us from our votes.

Do you think it’s fair to compare Donald Trump to Brexit?

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