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Dead of Summer’s Amy really needs a hug and it’s only the first episode

If you never had any interest in going to summer camp, you definitely won’t now. On Tuesday, Dead of Summer premiered on Freeform, and to say it will freak you out is an understatement.

Based on the first episode, it’s a great addition to the network that is known for instilling fear into its audience already with Pretty Little Liars. Granted, Dead of Summer is a far cry from the series all about Liars, but it definitely has a great creep factor that many won’t be able to get enough of.

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Plus, the ’80s music, the culture scattered throughout (did you notice Michael Keaton as Batman on the magazine Carolina, aka “Cricket,” was reading?) and the major Goldbergs vibe, Freeform appears to have a hit on its hands. Now, let’s just hope it doesn’t get axed like PLL‘s disturbing spinoff Ravenswood.

After watching the premiere, it seems like lead Amy is going to find herself in the middle of all the fear and scary things happening at Camp Stillwater. By episode’s end, I don’t even know how she jumped into the lake laughing and smiling with her fellow camp counselors, especially after everything she encountered.

Amy, Dead of Summer
Image: Tumblr

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From those tragic flashbacks of Amy attempting to save her friend Margot before she fell to her death, to Amy having visions (or whatever they were) of creepy ghosts/dead bodies/spirits grabbing at her, to Amy discovering gardener/janitor Dave’s corpse in the lake, she definitely had a rough first few days. Seriously, how is she still standing? I’d be on the next bus out of that camp, for sure.

As for Amy, it sure seems like she’s taking Margot’s advice about trying new things that scare her, but I don’t know if she really meant to stay at a camp, where extremely strange and frightening things are happening that can’t even be explained right now.

Whatever the case, maybe Amy should’ve taken Dave’s pre-death advice and left. He did say that she didn’t belong there and the longer she stayed, the worse it would be. That sure sounds ominous, right? Also, how can get it much worse? Yeah, I’m worried. Oh, and seeing as Camp Stillwater appears to be in the heart of a “beast,” per Deputy Garrett Sykes, it doesn’t seem like the safest place for anyone to be chilling for the summer. Cue Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and/or Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me,” stat.

More horrifying things are bound to happen (and probably to Amy), which means Amy had better find someone who’s willing to comfort her with a lot of hugs. She’s so going to need those hugs, and I have a feeling Garrett is up to the task, don’t you think?

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Dead of Summer airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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