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Please don’t make Kelly Ripa host with Jeff Gordon

The quest to find Kelly Ripa the perfect cohost continues. Since the departure of Michael Strahan, Live! has auditioned everyone from Jimmy Kimmel to Jim Parsons to Cedric the Entertainer. Although fans have had their favorites, none of them are permanent solutions. The producers are trying to change that by bringing on Jeff Gordon.

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Gordon, a NASCAR star, has retired from driving and moved on to calling the races for Fox Sports. Rumors started swirling that the executives picked Gordon as the man to replace Strahan, and although nothing has been confirmed, he also didn’t deny anything.

He said, “I am flattered that my name has been associated with that. I’ve always maintained a great friendship with the show, some of the producers and folks within the show. I had a great time cohosting, and I certainly would welcome it.”

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But, like the other men who have auditioned for Live!, Gordon puts another show as his top priority. “My priority is Fox and Fox Sports, and NASCAR. I will definitely be back in the booth next year; if there was something that could fit into and around that, great.”

My biggest question is why can’t the producers of the show give Ripa her due respect? She deserves for them to take the quest for her cohost seriously or let her host it by herself. Gordon, while he does have a fan base, isn’t the same caliber of host that Ripa is. He’s a professional driver. Yes, he’s hosting Fox Sports, but only when it pertains to the sport that he built his career on. And he’s already saying that it wouldn’t be his first priority. Didn’t we learn this lesson with Strahan?

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I understand that the show is successful because of the relationship between a male and a female host, but I think it’s time to rethink the structure to make sure Ripa is set up for a long, successful career.

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