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You can’t really accuse Vanessa Hudgens of cultural misappropriation this time

Vanessa Hudgens is a beautiful woman, but more than that she’s a beautiful person, as her inspirational new Instagram post proves. But there’s one thing some are really not liking about it.

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Taking to Instagram on Monday, Hudgens posted a photo of herself in a paisley-print tunic, and she can be seen wearing a purple dream catcher headpiece in her hair. She captioned the post with an uplifting message, reminding followers that things get better.

She wrote, “Chin up, Princess… Or the crown slips.”

“That headpiece is amazing and I need it,” megan_bonamici wrote. k_cheesy agreed, tagging a friend along with the comment, “you need this head piece.” While taylorlaurencoy wrote, “makes me wanna go to a music festival.”

Other comments on the post include, “Omg that dreamcatcher,” “Love the style,” ” love your style,” “boho” and “beautiful hairpiece.”

People are praising Hudgens for her beauty and her style, but others are seeing the dream catcher not as an innocent hair accessory, but as cultural misappropriation. “If you stopped with the cultural appropriation it would be all fine,” one wrote, while another said, “You would think as a Native American woman/descendant she would have a little more respect for Native American items then to wear it as a costume/decoration.”

And that commenter is correct: Hudgens is of Native American descent (her father has Native American ancestry). However, does her ancestry make it appropriate for her to wear this headpiece, or is she still in the wrong to wear it for strictly fashionable purposes (which seems to be the case)?

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What do you think of Vanessa Hudgens’ picture? Is she wrong to use a dream catcher as a fashion accessory? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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