Cersei's Game of Thrones massacre was genius — now the real war can begin

Jun 27, 2016 at 1:55 p.m. ET
Image: HBO

A little lot of wildfire and everything in the Game of Thrones universe has changed. I'm not gonna lie, I kinda love it.

Before you start accusing me of being sadistic, though, let me explain. Of course, I was sad to see Tommen and Margaery go. The High Sparrow, not so much. But I didn't relish seeing them blown to bits. I'm not talking about the violence here, I'm talking about the earth-shattering change this means for the show.

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Because a change was, admittedly, needed.

Again, don't get me wrong. Season 6 was my favorite in the show's history, I dare say. But think about how stagnant we've been for so long now. Dany was in Meereen all season. Arya was with the Faceless Men the whole time. Cersei (Lena Headey) was ruling from afar. And Bran was learning from the Three-Eyed Raven. All good things, interesting things, but things that needed to move forward at some point.

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In the span of a finale, we got all of those shifts. Tommen and Margaery are dead. The High Sparrow and his minions are no more. Cersei has lost everything. Arya is on the move and exacting the revenge plan she's been chanting for seasons now, starting with Walder Frey. Dany is on the move to Westeros. And Bran is heading back from the North.

What does all of this mean for Season 7? It means it's going to be good, obviously.

It means that Dany is finally on her way to getting some face-to-face time with characters like Cersei, Jon, Sansa and Littlefinger. With Tyrion by her side, she will be storming King's Landing. The real war is about to begin.

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Of course, I think things won't be so easy for Dany. Cersei has proved herself a woman not to be messed with. Plus, there's the issue of the White Walkers we still have to deal with. But I think that one might be easily solved now that Dany and her dragons are headed to Westeros. If dragon glass can kill a White Walker, I can't wait to see what dragon fire will do.

Were you sad to see Margaery, Tommen and the others go, or were you ready for the change on the show?

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