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Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston are moving fast — like, too fast

Wondering if Taylor Swift is really serious about Tom Hiddleston? Now there’s proof.

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The hottest new Hollywood couple is taking things as fast as humanly possible — Swift already met Hiddleston’s mom! He introduced Swift to his mom, Diana, while the two were on a trip to her hometown of Suffolk, England, and in paparazzi photos, all three are all smiles while Swift and Hiddleston walk hand-in-hand near Diana along a rocky coast — much like the one where Swift and Hiddleston were photographed making out in the photos that famously announced their relationship to the world. Is there a theme here?

Taylor Swift meets Tom Hiddleston's family
Image: WENN

And in case this news makes you wonder if this is just a situation where he’s really into her, but she’s not feeling it, there’s more: Hiddleston met Swift’s parents, too — she introduced them at her apartment in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Swift and Hiddleston were spotted all over Nashville last week, including dancing close together at Selena Gomez’s concert. They were also seen on a few dinner dates — they had a just-the-two-of-them night out at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and then met up with singer-songwriter Holly Williams and her husband Chris Coleman for a double date at Nashville farm-to-fork hotspot Adele’s.

Taylor Swift with Tom Hiddleston's family
Image: WENN

The whirlwind that is Swift’s romance with Hiddleston has sparked a lot of weird rumors and theories, mostly because it’s gotten so serious so soon after Swift’s breakup with her boyfriend of 15 months, Calvin Harris — they only split earlier this month. But if you ask us, Swift looks about as happy as she’s ever been, so we should probably let this one play out before jumping to any conclusions.

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Do you think Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are moving too fast? Let us know down in the comments.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Tom Hiddleston slideshow
Image: Lia Toby/Wenn

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