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Come on, Big Brother, you’re better than cheap nudity

Despite my excessive use of the eye-roll emoji, I don’t think I’ve actually rolled my eyes since I was 17 years old. Well, that was until tonight when I watched Big Brother. Even though the show can tend to be dramatic or maybe a little cheesy, it’s always interesting and addictive enough to be a great reality TV show. But tonight, they crossed the line into just being cheap.

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The first challenge that the contestants in the house competed in was who could undress down to their bathing suit the fastest. Then, the team who had received Mystery Land in last week’s episode were challenged to wear nothing but pixels for an entire week. So, for no other reason than views, I’m assuming, this team of four has to be naked.

I don’t consider myself a prude and I think if you want to be naked, then you should definitely be naked (at least while you’re in the comfort of your own home), but there was no point to this nakedness. It was television’s version of clickbait, basically.

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And there’s something about women being forced to not wear clothes that just doesn’t sit well with me. I would include the men in this statement, but these men walk around shirtless all the time, the cardboard pixelated cut-outs glued to a pair of underwear wasn’t that big of a jump for them. But for the women, it just felt a little bit… disgusting.

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I know for the most part Big Brother was just trying to cause a little controversy, and probably force some romances in the house, but they just didn’t need to do it this way. The show is better than that. At least, I thought it was. Hopefully they’ll learn from this mistake and allow the contestants to put their clothes back on.

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