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I regret underestimating Sherri Shepherd’s game show skills

When game show fanatics heard that The $100,000 Pyramid was about to return after a long hiatus, they cheered. And when they learned that Michael Strahan was set to take over as host, they cheered even louder. Then they learned that Sherri Shepherd was set to join the fun for the very first episode of the show’s revival, and suddenly, they weren’t so excited.

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Sherri Shepherd
Image: ABC

I have to admit, I was initially among the Sherri Shepherd doubters. When I first found out she was going to be on the show, I cringed. I think she can be funny at times, but I didn’t think much of her on The View — and I assumed that her presence on the revival of The $100,000 Pyramid would be similar to her daytime talk show persona. My perception may have been shaped, in part, by some of the more scandalous things she’s said or been accused of saying. But if anything can change my opinion of a celebrity, it’s a demonstration of game show brilliance.

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Shepherd was arguably one of the least popular people on The $100,000 Pyramid tonight (either her or Rosie O’Donnell), but the show is not a popularity contest. Contestants do not require legions of adoring fans — but they do need quick wits and a thorough understanding of game show tactics. Shepherd clearly has both in spades, as she demonstrated during this evening’s $100,000 Pyramid episode. I was impressed by the ease with which she came up with answers, even when the clues she received weren’t all that great. Sometimes, it felt like she could read her partner’s mind!

Sherri Shepherd
Image: ABC

I’m not the only person who was pleasantly surprised by Shepherd’s mastery of the game. Several viewers spoke out in her favor, with a few assuming that she’s watched the show a ton in the past.

The lineup on tonight’s episode of The $100,000 Pyramid was awesome, and I’m looking forward to seeing several other talented individuals show whether they reach the pinnacle of game show greatness. I am pumped to continue watching this excellent revival — and I will reserve judgment on all other celebrities, because you never know who will achieve game show glory!

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What did you think of the $100,000 Pyramid revival? Were you impressed by Sherri Shepherd? Comment and share your opinion below.

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