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Sister Wives‘ Mariah is not ready to forgive Meri, but she should be

On tonight’s season finale of Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, sat down with TLC host Erica Hill, who grilled the Brown family on the sordid details of Meri’s catfishing scandal yet again. Although the adults never budged on any new information, Meri Brown’s only child, Mariah, spoke one-on-one with Hill and said just how angry the whole situation has made her.

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I can totally appreciate how pissed off Mariah must be with her mother. Not only did Meri have an emotional affair, no matter what she insists, but she did so on national television, more or less. Mariah had every right to go through a period of anger with her mother. And as Mariah told Hall tonight, she knew from the start that the online relationship was fishy. Mariah warned her mother to steer clear of the dreaded catfisher, having a strong sense that the person on the other end of the internet was not who he said he was. Mariah is a very smart young lady.

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However, it’s been a year since the entire scandal broke, and Mariah is an adult who has had plenty of time to sort through her own emotions. Now that she realizes polygamy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, why can’t she understand how her mother might be fooled by the attentions of a catfisher? After all, Mariah has lived through the addition of new wives, new children, her mother’s sacrificial legal divorce from her father, Kody, as well as just knowing how lonely it is to be Meri, living in that big house all by herself, with no subsequent children to distract her from the fact that she shares her husband with three other women.

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Bottom line, it’s time for Mariah to grow up and accept that life is not all black and white and that good people make bad choices, especially when they are depressed and lonely. It might feel like Meri betrayed her daughter, but surely Mariah knows just how lonely Meri really is. Now is the time for Mariah to be there for her mother. Meri has enough people judging her. She needs the support of her only child in order to heal from the public humiliations of the past year.

What do you think? Should Mariah forgive her mother?

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