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Think about it, Game of Thrones‘ Dany and Jon will totally end up together

The King in the North and the Mother of Dragons sound like a match made in Game of Thrones heaven, and I’m pretty convinced it’s gonna happen.

WARNING: Explosive (see what I did there?) spoilers from the Game of Thrones, Season 6 finale, below. Do not continue reading unless you want all the fiery (I couldn’t help myself) details below.

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In the series finale tonight, we saw Jon (Kit Harington) legitimized as a Stark. If you’ll remember, Rob legitimized him, but no one knew about it, so it didn’t count until tonight. when the lords of the North officially recognized him as their ruler. Score another one for the Starks!

Across the pond, Daenerys (Emilia Clark) broke up with Daario because she didn’t want to have a “mistress” going into Westeros. Politics are messy, as we’ve learned, and no one knows that better than Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) who gave her the solid advice. (Side note: Don’t even try to tell me you didn’t tear up just a little when Daenerys made Tyrion her Hand.) 

Now we’ve got a single Jon and a single Daenerys, both on their way to crossing paths.

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I know now that R + L = J has been confirmed — that makes Dany, Jon’s aunt — but the entire series of Game of Thrones thus far has been setting us up to not be afraid of a little incest. With Cersei and Jaime and nearly all of the Martell’s we’ve met accepting the idea, the show is clearly trying to make a statement about incest. And I think it could be setting us up for the fact that Jon and Dany are going to form an alliance of marriage to unite the kingdoms. Weird since they’re related and all, but definitely not out of the question. In my opinion, it’s going to happen and then they’re going to ride off on their dragons to happily ever after in peace and paradise.

OK… maybe it won’t be that ideal, but it’s gonna be good.

Also, I’m interested to see if Bran will make his way to Winterfell now that he knows the truth about Jon. And once he gets to Winterfell, will he reveal Jon’s true parentage to Jon? And then, if Jon knows that he’s technically a Targaryen and not a Stark, will he take the Targaryen name? Or if and when he and Daenerys get married will they both become Starks?

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Yup, things are definitely going to be more than complicated. But what would Game of Thrones be without some complications?

Do you think Dany and Jon will end up together ruling Westeros or will they duke it out for the Iron Throne?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Game of Thrones FB Season 6 slideshow
Image: Graphics by Alaina Urquhart-White/SheKnows; photos provided by HBO

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