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Ray J’s over-the-top behavior at the BET Awards was alarming but not unusual

Hosting the red carpet is probably very difficult. You have to remember every celebrity on the carpet and what they’ve done and still entertain the viewers at home during the awkward silences. It’s important to stay energized and engaging. I’m not saying it’s a job I could do at all, but I’m confident that I could do it better than Ray J at this point.

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The singer was supposed to be the backstage correspondent, giving an exclusive look to what happened backstage during the event — but since no one was backstage, he had to find a creative way to entertain people. Of all the options available, he chose yelling into his microphone about how lit he was, throwing shade at the cast of Love & Hip-Hop and pretending to see mega celebrities where there was no one.

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At one point, he talked about getting turned up backstage and showing respect to Prince and Muhammad Ali in the same breath. It was all very strange. So strange that by the end of the red carpet coverage, BET stopped cutting to Ray J all together. That didn’t stop Twitter from talking about his behavior, though.

Ray J isn’t a stranger to causing outbursts at really inopportune times. A few years ago, he called into the New York City radio show The Breakfast Club to rant about fellow artist Fabulous. The phone call has been referenced in hip-hop songs and went down in history as one of the most uncomfortable interviews ever.

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Ray J mentioned that he wasn’t sober when he made that call and was sorry for the way he said some of the things he said in the interview. I don’t know if that’ll be the case with his appearance on the BET red carpet, but he’s definitely going to have to give us some answers. Otherwise, we’re really worried about him.

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