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Anna Duggar gets some birthday love after the toughest year of her life

Anna Duggar, now just two years away from 30, was the subject of a special tribute from two of her sisters-in-law who didn’t help her escape when she had the chance.

“We’re so grateful for your love for the Lord,” said Jana, speaking to Anna in the tribute video. “You just really challenge me in just how you have sought the Lord so much through the good times and the hard times.”

“Your genuine love for others is shown by all that you do, even us in our own lives, and always encouraging us,” Joy-Anna added.

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The sisters also expressed appreciation for the fact that Anna has willingly allowed herself to become the Duggar family’s Cinderella, doing all the gross, disgusting chores “no one else wants to do.”

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Family matriarch Michelle Duggar chimed in with a Facebook post of her own.

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Age 27 pretty much sucked for poor Anna. After the shocking public revelation that her husband, Josh, had molested five young girls, including his own sisters, as a teen — a fact Anna said she knew about before she married Josh — he was busted with an Ashley Madison account and admitted to cheating on her with multiple women and to having an addiction to pornography. He spent almost seven months in a faith-based sex rehab program and was released in March.

Hopefully, 28 treats Anna a little better.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Anna Duggar slideshow
Image: Josh Duggar/Twitter

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