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Gretchen Rossi’s mother-in-law stepped in to basically call Bravo liars

Gretchen Rossi has been getting a lot of heat for what many believe to be her fake proposal to Slade Smiley, and she’s been plagued by claims that her decision to propose was simply to keep her role on the show.

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To clear the air, Rossi decided to return to The Real Housewives of Orange County in a special uncensored episode, “The Real Housewives of Orange County Uncensored,” in which she addressed the rumors surrounding her proposal and confessed that the reason she decided to do it was because the timing just felt right.

There’s probably still more than a handful of RHOC fans out there raising their eyebrows at Rossi’s reasoning, but Smiley’s mother, Elizabeth Larson-Smiley’s recent comments may make you think twice.

According to a new report from Radar Online, Larson-Smiley was furious after she watched the “Uncensored” episode (and witnessed Rossi’s co-stars’ harsh comments about the proposal), and she let her feelings be known in a scathing email to Bravo’s production team.

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“I am the mother-in-Law (to be) of Gretchen Rossi, and mother of Slade Smiley. I am sending you this email directly and have every intention of copying it to all of the media outlets that have posted negative articles about the kid’s engagement,” Larson-Smiley reportedly wrote.

She went on to claim that she understands that the shows are edited for dramatic entertainment purposes, but insisted that this time the network had “gone too far,” adding that the network should be ashamed of their deceptive portrayal of Rossi and Smiley’s engagement.

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Larson-Smiley also claimed that there were family and friends at the engagement party, all of whom could “happily debunk your claim about just waiting for a wedding special.”

But what about Heather Dubrow’s claims that no Housewives were invited to the engagement party because there was no real engagement? According to Larson-Smiley, she is “personally aware” and has “seen the emails from your producers who did not want the other [H]ousewives attending the engagement party because it did not match with ‘the storyline.’ Why would your team lie and say otherwise?”

Rossi echoed this claim. She previously took to Instagram to tell her co-stars why they didn’t get an invite.

Wowzers, did Larson-Smiley just call the Bravo team liars? Does her email do anything to change your mind about Rossi’s engagement being fake? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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