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Lindsay Lohan was right to delete all her Brexit rage tweets

Yesterday the United Kingdom voted to separate itself from the European Union in what’s being called Brexit. As with any global event, plenty of people flocked to Twitter to give their opinions before, during and after the decision. The group of the politically outspoken included new London transplant, Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan, who now lives in the U.K. with her fiancé, tweeted a string of passionate tweets begging voters to remain in the E.U. Her tweets didn’t resonate with voters and, in fact, just made them angry, so the actress deleted all but one remaining retweet.

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Because we live in an age of screenshots, her opinions are still getting circulated (and criticized) all over Twitter. Most people just don’t appreciate an American commenting on the economic and political state of their country. I know, hard to believe, right?

Most trolls on Twitter seem to forget that it’s an open forum where everyone goes to say what’s on their mind. Lohan had every right to tweet what she was thinking and even to ask her followers to vote a certain way. It’s incredibly easy for people who don’t want to listen to her to either ignore her profile or vote based on how they feel, not on how the Mean Girls actress told them to vote.

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But I still think it was best for her to delete the entire rant. Not because she doesn’t deserve an opinion, as most are claiming, but because she doesn’t need the extra hate in her life.

At this point, people really only remember Lohan for her party girl phase, and she hasn’t been a London resident long enough for people to respect her opinion, unfortunately. Nothing she tweets related to Brexit is going to be met with a warm reception — especially if it’s considered aggressive.

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This incident will hopefully teach her what many celebrities have learned before her: Twitter is not the place for political rants.

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