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Paul might be the greatest mastermind on Big Brother 18

The conniving and manipulation has already started in the Big Brother house. Almost every cast member is talking about the battle between the rookies and the returners, but they’re missing the real battle: everyone vs. Paul Abrahamian. He’s already the breakout evil genius, in my opinion.

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When Nicole Franzel took the coveted Head of Household position, she immediately considered Jozea Flores as the housemate she was going to kick off. It’s not like her strategy is unwarranted. Flores can’t stop doing and saying things that attract a lot of negative attention. However, I don’t think he’s the actual enemy.

Flores’ teammate and BFF in the house, Abrahamian, is actually the worst.

Abrahamian is controlling, he constantly yells at other contestants during competitions without actually knowing what he’s doing, he lies just as often as he speaks and he has glitter in his beard. I know I’ve probably mentioned that before, but I’m really not over it. I need answers.

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The show has only had two full episodes and I’m already unclear about where Abrahamian’s loyalty lies. At least with Flores you know that he’s fully committed to protecting the rookies, at least until the returners are all evicted from the house. But Abrahamian offers his loyalty to whomever he’s talking to and then proceeds to make some sort of “yeah, right” face after every conversation. And yet his name was never uttered once.

While the housemates scrambled around the house trying to figure out what Franzel’s plan was and where everyone’s heads were at after the first round of competition, Abrahamian sat quietly secure in his position as evil genius in the house.

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The one major flaw in his plan is he will be the obvious next choice for eviction should Flores be evicted, but I’m sure he’s already thought of a way around that. What I’m interested in seeing is how long it will take the others to figure out they should be teaming up against him and not worrying about anything else just yet.

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Big Brother season 18 slideshow
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