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Tara Reid and Dean May might just be fronting for Marriage Boot Camp

Tara Reid and Dean May aren’t the first couple appearing on Marriage Boot Camp whose relationship status has been questioned: Are they even having a relationship, or are they just using each other for the fame and fortune that comes with being on a TV show?

On the current season, we have Reid and May, and also have Michelle Money and Cody Statler, who keep breaking up and getting back together (because they’ve never heard a Taylor Swift song?). Until this week, when they won a canoe race based on communication skills, they were heading for another breakup — if Michelle didn’t murder Cody first. They might end up somewhere productive, but before the season started, there were plenty of people wondering why these two were even bothering with Marriage Boot Camp.

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Tara Reid has not had the easiest time in Hollywood, and her behavior on this season of MBC has led fans of the show to speculate that she and Dean May, the club promoter with whom she’s appearing on the show, are actually in a relationship. The two have been really into diagnosing the problems of the other couples in the house, but they’ve definitely been holding back when it comes to dealing with their own, except to say that their schedules are both complicated and they don’t have time for each other. It’s such a totally generic problem — especially since they refuse to delve into it.

On Friday’s episode, Tara got into a fight with cast member Lisa D’Amato, and it proved to be quite the source of annoyance for fans of the show, who not only harped on Tara minding her own business but wondered if Tara and Dean are even slightly serious about the future of their relationship. Fans have also accused Tara of being on drugs, accused Dean of being gay and, of course — my personal favorite — accused these two of just being on the show for the fame and the money.

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Look, I have no idea if Dean and Tara are in an actual relationship. I have no reason to think they aren’t, but I can also totally believe that marriage is something they’re not interested in, yet or ever, and that doesn’t mean they aren’t into saving what it is they do have.

But here’s the thing: This is a reality show, and the people on a reality show are on it because they’re interested in money and fame. (It hurts me to write this as much as it hurts you to read it.) So let’s not kid ourselves about that. People who are interested in actually repairing their relationship don’t go on TV to do it. They get therapy privately. So no, I’m not going to fault Tara or Dean for playing the system here, when this is literally set up so that they can do it. This is Hollywood, after all, and the ugly truth about it is that you do what you have to do to stay relevant.

That being said, it would be great to see Tara and Dean fake it a little bit harder.

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Do you think Tara Reid and Dean May are together in real life, or is this just a ruse? Tell us in the comments!

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