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No doubt bringing in Big Brother vets means the drama will start early

Much to my dismay, the premiere of Big Brother tonight stayed relatively quiet. Julie Chen did throw three major twists at the newest cast at the Big Brother house, but they managed to keep their cool about everything. I know, I know — it’s way early and there’s plenty of backstabbing to come, but with so many curve balls, I was expecting so much more from the first episode.

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The biggest reason I thought the drama would start immediately is they brought in four veterans from past seasons to shake things up in the house. Anytime past cast members join any show, they waste no time asserting their dominance and stirring the pot to make sure everyone knows they came to play. But when the four vets entered the house, they managed to stay well below the radar.

If anything, it was the newbies who caused the most drama. Three cast members in particular — Jozea, Zakiya and Paul — formed an alliance right away, promising to watch out for each other and stab everyone else in the back, no matter what. So at least I can count on them for drama.

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As a brand new viewer of the show, I have to admit that this wasn’t what I was expecting from Big Brother. It wasn’t until the last half hour of the show that anything relatively exciting happened. The competitions seemed to bring out the ugliest sides of everyone’s personality, but even that was tame compared to other reality show competitions. I know that it’s early, but so far, I’m going to need more from the cast members if they want to convert me into a new fan.

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One thing is for sure, between now and tomorrow’s episode, I will be tweeting Paul to try to get some answers as to why he’s wearing glitter in his beard.

Before you leave, check out our slideshow below!

Big Brother season 18 slideshow
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