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The RHOC ladies gave us some pretty candid spoilers for Season 11

The Real Housewives of Orange County ladies aren’t shy about spilling the details on Season 11. We got the scoop from them about the new season and how everything will unfold. In case you hadn’t guessed, it absolutely won’t be drama free. In fact, it will probably be even crazier than last season, and that’s saying something.

Kelly Dodd
Image: Bravo

1. Kelly Dodd is the new bad girl

“I like being the bad girl,” Dodd told us. “I can take it the punches.”

2. Dodd thinks by the end of the season, her reputation will be restored

“I come out probably looking really bad, but at the end I come out looking like a rose,” Dodd explained.

3. Dodd regrets that TMZ moment

“That brought me down,” Dodd admitted. She is apologetic and maintains that there is “no way in hell I’m a racist.” She added, “It was misconstrued.”

4. Dodd wants more RHOC

“I would do another season,” Dodd confirmed. “It was worth it. It was fun.”

Vicki Gunvalson
Image: Bravo

5. Vicki Gunvalson is ready for acceptance

“When I entered into the season, I went in with just pure sadness, and I just wanted the girls to accept me, love me and know what I was going through,” Gunvalson explained.

6. Gunvalson is apologetic

She said she went into this season saying she was sorry, but also maintaining, “I know the truth.”

7. When Gunvalson falls, she falls hard and true

“I am fortunate that I loved and that I loved so hard that I would defend him against my friends. I don’t know many women that are in a committed relationship that wouldn’t have done the same thing.”

8. Gunvalson is still in touch with Brooks Ayers…

“We talk every now and then,” Gunvalson admitted. “We’re in the same industry so we’ve got the same common friends.”

9. … But she and Ayers aren’t rekindling their romance

“It’s over. It’s done,” Gunvalson told us.

10. Gunvalson has moved on with a new man

“I’m dating again. I have a great guy that’s with me tonight.” (His name is Steve Lodge, in case you missed the news.)

11. Gunvalson’s new man, Lodge, has never watched the show

“Thank God,’ Gunvalson joked.

12. Ayers has also moved on

“He’s happy,” Gunvalson explained. “He’s in a new relationship.”

13. Ayers has yet to apologize to Gunvalson personally

“No,” Gunvalson said when asked if Ayers ever apologized. “He made a statement to People. That was my closure. That’s all I asked of him, ‘Make me out of your chaos.’ And he finally did.”

14. Gunvalson’s daughter has a near-death experience

“There was a big scare,” Gunvalson confirmed, but she said that now her daughter is doing great. “She’s healthy.”

Heather Dubrow
Image: NBC

15. Heather Dubrow teased changing relationships

“There’s a lot of relationship shifts,” Dubrow spilled.

16. Dubrow is not a Dodd fan

“There’s a lot of vulgarity,” Dubrow said of Season 11, later alluding that Kelly Dodd was the cause.

She added, “She definitely brings drama wherever she goes.”

17. It’s not a fresh start, necessarily

“I think that it’s going to be interesting for the audience to see who moves on quickly, who moves on slowly and who doesn’t move on at all,” Dubrow said of Gunvalson’s drama from the end of last season.

18. Dubrow and her husband, Terry, have a book coming soon

“We wrote this book together and it’s already the No. 1 new release in our category, pre-release, on Amazon.” The book comes out September 6, 2016, and fans will get to follow Dubrow’s journey to publication in Season 11.

19. Dubrow doesn’t fault producers for the way she’s portrayed on the show

Dubrow told us that for every 30 hours they film, only 20 minutes goes into an episode. “I don’t fault anyone for how you’re portrayed because it’s everything you do and say. But, yeah, you could film someone for a year and cut together two very different movies. You could show everything great they did and put together a hero film. You could cut together every hideous thing and make a terrible film about you. I think they do the best they can to make it as balanced as possible.”

Shannon Beador
Image: Bravo

20. Shannon Beador thinks Season 11 is her most dramatic yet

“Last season the cast members and I said, ‘It couldn’t be more dramatic,’ but this season is more dramatic than last year,” Beador promised.

She said that last year the big thing was Ayer’s fake cancer claims, but this season there are multiple scandals happening.

21. Beador still hasn’t forgiven Gunvalson

I made some convictions at the reunion last year, and I’ve stuck with them,” Beador said when asked about Gunvalson. “So I’m not really spending a lot of time with Vicki Gunvalson.”

22. There doesn’t seem to be hope for a Beador/Gunvalson reunion

“We are right where we were last season,” Beador continued. “I’m done. I’m done.”

23. Shannon is also not a Dodd fan

When I asked how Dodd would fit in during Season 11, Beador responded with a simple, “Not really well.”

24. Lines will be drawn

“There will definitely be sides this season,” Beador confirmed. “And if you don’t pick my side, you’re not thinking straight.”

Meghan Edmonds
Image: Bravo

25. Meghan Edmonds’ pregnancy journey will be documented

Though Edmonds kept mum about her bump at the RHOC premiere party, she just confirmed a few days ago that she is, in fact, expecting thanks to IVF.

26. Edmonds’ IVF journey will be documented

“I kind of felt really involved with myself this season because of my IVF journey, but there was a lot happening with everyone,” Edmonds shared.

27. The friendship dynamics are crazy

“It’s all there,” Edmonds said of Season 11. “The terrible, the good — it’s a wild season. My jaw has dropped just watching it.”

28. Gunvalson is only friends with Dodd because, well, she needs a friend

“Kelly opens her mouth and she gets herself in trouble. She has a lot of hard times spinning it with everyone except for Vicki because Vicki is so desperate to have a friend that she’ll have anybody. That works well for the two of them.”

29. Edmonds is also in a good place with Kelly

“I love Kelly for who she is because I can laugh about her,” Edmonds explained, “and not take her seriously because she can be a tough one.”

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

RHOC scandals slideshow
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