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Kim Kardashian is in trouble again for wearing fur

Kim Kardashian’s love of fashion has no boundaries. If it looks good, she’ll wear it regardless of what other people might think. It’s a strategy that’s created an unstoppable brand for her, but it’s also gotten her in some hot water, especially when she wears fur. Today, the reality star was back in trouble, this time with Sia for being a huge fan of fur coats.

The singer recently tweeted Kardashian asking if she’d reconsider her wardrobe. Her tweet read, “Hey @KimKardashian I think you’re lovely. Would you consider going fur free? This is what animals go through for it.” Sia then included a link to a very graphic YouTube video that exposed the fur industry.

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Soon after Sia’s tweet went out, PETA found out and thanked her for using her voice for good. They said, “Amazing. Thank you for using your voice, as always, for the animals skinned alive for fur coats. We [love] you.”

PETA has been known to hate on Kardashian for her fur fashion. Although they denied being directly involved, back in 2012 they did show their support for someone who flour-bombed Kardashian on the red carpet because she was wearing a fur coat.

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The hate clearly hasn’t changed Kardashian’s mind about what she should wear. She even snapped a selfie in front of an entire coat rack full of fur coats earlier this week, which is what reportedly prompted Sia to send her tweet in the first place.

Regardless of which side you fall on, you have to respect the unaggressive way in which Sia approached Kardashian. Issues like this tend to get heated fast, particularly when two celebrity egos are involved, but Sia went the opposite route. She stayed calm, led with a compliment and didn’t demand any answers from Kardashian and just simply asked that she reconsider. Even if you aren’t a fan of her music, you have to respect her as a person.

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Kardashian hasn’t given any official response, but my guess is she’s going to continue to wear her fur. The best we can hope for from her is fake fur coats.

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