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Royal Pains‘ Evan taking a stand against Eddie has been a long time coming

For eight seasons now, Evan has grown from a goofball to quite the mature man. The same can be said for Wednesday’s episode, where Evan took a major stand against his father, after Eddie finally returned to the Hamptons.

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It’s been a long time coming. For years now, Evan has been the one defending his father, whereas Hank is usually the one in disagreement. Well, the most recent episode just proved that Evan and Hank have definitely swapped roles when it comes to their dad.

At the beginning of the season, Eddie disappeared without word or reason, but Hank finally figured out that his father underwent heart surgery without anyone’s knowledge. Leave it to Hank to hire a private investigator to decipher exactly what Eddie has been up to. As he told Evan, he felt like Eddie going MIA this time around was different than all those other times. He was kind of right, but that still doesn’t make it OK and that is exactly how Evan feels.

Evan made it very clear that right now he doesn’t want to see or speak to his dad. Of course, that didn’t go as planned, because the two eventually came face to face. Once again, Eddie pulled an Eddie by apologizing for leaving and promising to never do it again. How many times have the Lawson boys heard that before?

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Unlike Hank, who is not being hard on Eddie at all, Evan put his foot down. Not only did he tell Eddie that he and Paige have a lot going on with trying to start a family, but he said that his first priority as a parent will be to protect his family from Eddie. To clarify, Evan said he won’t cut Eddie out completely and will even attend his upcoming wedding to Ms. Newberg (yes, the nuptials are back on), but he will make sure Eddie won’t ever hurt his family like he’s hurt Evan and Hank repeatedly.

It sounds harsh, but can you blame him? For years, Eddie has been pulling the same stunts and has yet to learn from his mistakes. Maybe this time around he’ll will finally change his ways.

As much as I love when Eddie, Evan and Hank are getting along, it’s refreshing to see Evan defending himself and his family. He may be considered the comic of the series, but Evan has a heart, a mind and feelings, too. He knows what he wants and what is best for himself and those he loves. When it comes to the latter, there’s nothing Evan won’t do, even if it’s telling off his father.

I’m sure by the time Royal Pains comes to an end, all will be well between the Lawson men, but for right now, things are definitely rocky.

Royal Pains airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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