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I think I know why Kelly Ripa can’t find the perfect Live! cohost

Since the very public departure of Michael Strahan from Live!, Kelly Ripa has been auditioning new cohosts. Unfortunately, none of the guys have really clicked. Not only do they have to recreate the chemistry that Ripa had with Strahan and Regis Philbin before him, but they also have to be as quick and as interesting as Ripa herself.

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It hasn’t been for lack of trying either. Live! has recruited major talents like Fred Savage, Cedric the Entertainer, Jimmy Kimmel and John Stamos to sit beside Ripa during the morning show. Fans fell in love with Stamos and Savage, but even that wasn’t enough to make them the official cohost.

Part of the problem is that these men already have jobs that require most of their attention. Kimmel, for example, hosts his own show in Los Angeles. And even though upcoming cohost Jim Parsons is sure to be a huge hit, that commute would just be unreasonable.

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If the executives are serious about filling the spot, they’re going to have to start looking for viable options, which means men in New York who don’t already have a full-time gig. If they don’t have aspirations to jump ship after a few years, that would also be ideal.

It may be that there just isn’t a pool of male celebs who fit all of these criteria, which means there’s really only one solution for the future of the show: Let Ripa host the entire thing by herself.

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Let’s face it, she’s the reason we’re all tuning in. Her quirky storytelling style is different than anyone else on TV, she’s always personable and engaging with her guests so they don’t have to tell the same boring stories they’ve already told during their press tour, and most importantly, she’s proven that she has more loyalty to the show than anyone else.

If late-night talk shows can be hosted by a single funnyman, then certainly a daytime show can do the same.

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