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What’s going on with this supposed Castle spinoff?

At this point, we know for sure that Stana Katic fans had the power to take Castle off the air, but will Team Beckett get a Castle spinoff that doesn’t even include Nathan Fillion as Castle at all?

This is just one of the many spinoff rumors floating around the web right now, though it may be without merit. It seems to trace back to a Morning News USA report that a spinoff would be impossible without Katic as Beckett, because ratings sharply dropped every time an episode featuring Castle attempted to crack a case without her. If you tie that piece of info in with the still raging gossip that Katic was fired from the show due to a long-standing off-screen beef with Fillion, it’s perfect fodder for erroneous information about a Beckett-centric follow-up show.

But as much as many fans would love to have a series all about Detective Kate Beckett, most aren’t biting on this piece of speculation.

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There are also reports/hopes that a spinoff could feature either Esposito and Ryan or Alexis and Hayley in the lead roles.

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But, the truth of the matter remains that ABC has not given a green light, or even the whiff of a green light, for any kind of Castle offspring at this point. In fact, hopes were kind of dashed earlier this year when Paul Lee, the former ABC president who was championing a Castle spinoff, left the network.

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Do you think the Castle spinoff rumors are true? Would you even watch a spinoff if it happened?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Stana Katic slideshow

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