Teen Mom's Randy Houska jumps on Twitter to defend Chelsea against Adam Lind

Jun 22, 2016 at 3:58 p.m. ET
Image: Chelsea Houska / Facebook

The Teen Mom 2 reunion aired this week on MTV, but the real dirty laundry came out on Twitter. Chelsea Houska got some backup from her dad Randy Houska, aka "PapaRandlicious" on Twitter. He's never afraid to defend his daughter against her ex and baby daddy Adam Lind, and he was not here for any of Lind's lies during the reunion.

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The show was an attempt at a truce between the couple, as TV therapist Dr. Drew looked back at the season and called out Lind for some heinous parenting — including skipping his daughter's father-daughter dance. According to Lind, he had a weightlifting competition that couldn't be missed.


But according to papa Houska, Lind was home that night, and his competition wasn't until the next morning. These small discrepancies may seem petty, but in the life of a little girl waiting for her father to take her to the dance, they can mean everything. Houska clearly agrees. He tweeted, "Shall we call out the lies as they occur?"

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Lind also got caught up explaining his reasoning for being on the show in the first place. At first, he claims that the money was barely worth coming on the show. Then, he says he's only on the show because he gets a paycheck. Houska catches the contradiction.


Maybe next year, Lind will realize it's not just the cameras that are watching his every move. His ex's dad is on to him.

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