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Is Gwen Stefani hinting that she married Blake Shelton for his 40th birthday?

Blake Shelton is 40 now, and we don’t know for sure what Gwen Stefani gave him for a gift… but we do have our suspicions.

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Shelton and Stefani rang in his 40th together in Colorado and Los Angeles over the weekend before jetting off together to his home state of Oklahoma for a little hometown celebrating. Stefani was kind enough to put the whole adventure on Snapchat so we die-hard fans of the world’s cutest couple could get a behind-the-scenes look at their celebrations.

First, they took a drive through Shelton’s farm to see how this year’s crops are doing. Then, they hopped on a speedboat for a romantic jet around Lake Texoma. Finally, they landed on a beach where they enjoyed a bonfire and some stargazing, including a look at the summer solstice strawberry moon.

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“Hi strawberry moon #honeymoon #rosemoon gx #Oklahoma 2016,” Stefani captioned a pic that has since been deleted.
Hold up. Did she just say honeymoon? Is there more to this story than Shelton and Stefani are letting on? Did they get married for his birthday?!

OK, OK, maybe not. “Honey moon” is another name for a full moon, which is what was lighting up the sky Monday night when Stefani took those snaps. Or maybe she just meant that she and Shelton are still in the ongoing “honeymoon phase” of their relationship. After all, they do look ridiculously happy all the time.

Still, fans can only hope that there’s more to this cryptic tweet than meets the eye, and these two lovebirds have taken a surprise big step in their relationship. Fingers crossed!

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Do you think Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton secretly got married? Head down to the comments to share your take.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Gwen and Blake slideshow
Image: NBC

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