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Jinger Duggar’s love life totally overshadowed Jill Dillard’s wedding anniversary

It’s been a big week for the Duggars.

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The headlines about the family were dominated by one thing: Jinger’s courtship. And that meant Jinger and her new beau overshadowed the Duggars’ other big news this week: Jill and Derick Dillard’s second wedding anniversary.

News broke this week after Jinger and her new boyfriend, former pro soccer play Jeremy Vuolo, made the official announcement that they are courting, which is the Duggar-approved method of dating that almost always ends in marriage.

The pair met in 2015 — they were introduced by Jessa and Ben Seewald, who have been buds with Vuolo for years. They attended a mission together where they became close, and Vuolo asked Jim Bob Duggar for permission to officially court Jinger soon after.

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But amid all the celebration over a new love in the Duggar family, we all forgot to celebrate an older one. Jill and Derick celebrated their anniversary on Tuesday, two years after their Arkansas wedding that was attended by 1,000 people.

The Dillards’ love story is especially sweet. They first “met” on the phone in 2013, after Jim Bob set up a call — he and Derick were prayer partners while Derick was working in Nepal, and Jim Bob realized quickly that Derick and Jill had a lot in common. A few months later, Jill and Jim Bob visited Derick in Nepal and the two began their official courtship.

Derick returned to Arkansas in January 2014, and by the end of February, he and Jill were engaged. They clearly knew it was meant to be all along.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Jill Duggar love story slideshow
Image: Jill Duggar/Instagram

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